AMP Partners With Salesforce For AppExchange Partner Program Participation

Salesforce Appexchange Partner

Participation Provides Powerful New Channel to Salesforce® Customers

HONG KONG and LONDON, 3 March 2020 – AMP Credit Technologies announced today the signing of a Partner Application Distribution Agreement to join the Salesforce AppExchange Partner program.

The partnership allows AMP to build upon its long relationship with Salesforce, the global leader in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, so to collaborate on delivering the AMP CAIROS™ Application Management (AMS) and Loan Origination Solutions (LOS) to Salesforce customers directly integrated into their existing Salesforce CRM infrastructure.

The elite Salesforce® AppExchange Partner program brings to AMP several strategic benefits, including participating on the Salesforce® AppExchange Marketing Program, which offers co-marketing opportunities as an extension of Salesforce corporate marketing as a complement to AMP’s own marketing efforts. Additional benefits include the ability to offer customized free trials with partner branded login pages and passwords, allowing AMP to offer prospects and customers a free trial experience for more effective sales demonstrations, as well as more effective license management and customer support, among other benefits.

“We are excited to announce our participation in the Salesforce® AppExchange Partner program,” said Thomas J. DeLuca, AMP’s Chief Executive Officer. “The extension of our long-standing relationship with Salesforce will allow AMP to accelerate the success of Salesforce customers in the credit space by delivering our Application Management (AMS) and Loan Origination Solutions (LOS) as a SaaS integration directly on the Salesforce Platform ecosystem.

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