To our AMP friends,

During this most difficult period, our hearts and thoughts go out to those people and small businesses suffering the physical, economic, and spiritual effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to assure our clients and partners that our teams are continuing to adapt to the evolving circumstances and we are available to support you.

AMP was founded in the aftermath of the last financial crisis in the desire to promote access to finance to the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) which form the backbone, and majority of employment, of almost every economy. More than a decade later, we are heartened today by the proactive efforts of governments – such as in our home market of Hong Kong SAR – and financial institutions, to provide urgently needed loans to small businesses.  AMP has always stood for automation of cumbersome loan application processes, removing or minimizing from the process the need for physical paper and manual intervention. In this period of social distancing, quarantines, and mandatory Work-From-Home, our work is more important than ever. Indeed, loan digitization is no longer only about simply improving efficiency and convenience – though it remains ever true – but now also a matter of health and safety for the small business, the bank staff, and the broader community.

AMP has implemented its business continuity plan since early February, when the epidemic first reached Hong Kong. Relying upon a policy of remote working arrangements and mandatory home quarantine for high risk individuals, we have successfully maintained critical operations, ongoing development and client services. This we have achieved while ensuring the safety of AMP employees, vendors, and clients, and reducing the opportunity for transmission of the virus.

AMP stands prepared to help financial institutions digitize their operations and interface with clients in order to assist them in this difficult time and to enable them to operate while maintaining appropriate social distancing policies. We are confident that our solutions allow financial institutions to maintain their business operations and client contact in an environment where social distancing is demanded. We are ready to engage at an accelerated pace and we are confident that there will be little to no disruption in our ability to support our customers. If you have questions about our business continuity program or our service offering, please do enquire at

On behalf of everyone in the company, we thank you for your friendship and support during this difficult time. Please know we remain vigilant in our focus on your success, while balancing the health and safety of our families, colleagues and community.


Thomas J. DeLuca

Chief Executive Officer

AMP Credit Technologies

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