A standalone point solution that automates the capture and analysis of standard documentation of credit applications, including bank statements, corporate documentation, ID’s and more.

The CAIROS™ Intelligent Document Processing suite is a standalone point solution that automates the capture and analysis of standard documentation of applications, including bank statements, corporate documentation, ID’s, proof of addresses  and more.

IDP substantially reduces processing time from hours or man-days to just a few minutes, providing significant ROI in speed, accuracy and operating cost.

“IDP is not just another OCR tool to read a document. Rather, is a powerful workflow tool that automates your understanding and processing of that document.”

Why use IPD?

  • Digitize customer onboarding
  • Implement straight thru processing
  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Automate scorecard creation
  • Save time and cost
  • Days of manual keying reduced to minutes
  • Increased customer convenience
  • Faster time -to-approval for more sales
  • Overall improvement in of customer onboarding

How does it work ?


All types of documents from files, mobile devices and scanners in a single flow, including office documents and image formats, email attachments and message bodies.


Enables sorting of documents by content, visual forms, types (e.g. National ID, Passport, Utility Bill, eTin, driver license, bank statement, contract, invoice, etc.)


Document images are assembled into multi-page documents or document sets. Their content and data are intelligently extracted and validated automatically in an unattended mode.

Data Extraction

Extracts data from a variety of paper or digital-born document types, structured and unstructured. IDP automatically exports recognized data to various file formats, or to databases, systems of record and other destination points, such as a direct connect to AMP’s Application Management Software


Allows checking if extracted fields match those of the original document. Alternatively, verification can be started manually using the web-based verification station, easily accessible to a verification operator from any physical location.

how idp works


Our action plan

Which documents to process?

Eliminates manual rekeying of information from one system to another.

How will docs be received?

Modular solution structure enables the client to use lowest-touch integration, and grow usage incrementally.

What data points are needed?

Easy integration and deployment across multiple product lines and hosting environments.

Where to return the results?

Secure hosting in cloud as option offers top security and robust redundancies.