Alan Cymberknoh

Lead Project Manager

Proactive executive with a wide range of skills encompassing innovation, digital banking, product delivery, entrepreneurship, business development, product design, product planning, product strategy and product management.

I am a serial entrepreneur at heart with extensive experience in startups, particularly in the innovation and consumer space with successful track record of funding and exit. Precisely for my entrepreneurial background, I was invited to join KPMG and bring a new perspective to the team serving exclusively HSBC. Within KPMG, I’ve been leading the design and digitization of eKYC for my client HSCB commercial banking. I managed a team and reshuffled the customer experience for 700,000 SME companies. At HSBC I worked at executive level with the Bank’s leadership team. In 2019, I joined AMP, serving banks and helping them digitize and automate SME loans. I currently lead a delivery team, working primarily with UK based financial institutions on credit automation. A complex product combining multiple data sources and decision trees.

As an entrepreneur: I founded E Cycle, an electric vehicle initiative established following a seed funding from INFINITI Motors, the luxury vehicle division of Japanese automaker NISSAN. Also founded SpareOne Emergency Phone, a product launched through AT&T in the USA and awarded multiple times as Best of Innovation. In both cases, I turned an idea into an initiative which then turned into a business, dealing at client executive level jointly with my shareholders.

Born in South America, I left as a young man, graduated from ISEP (Paris) with a Master in Telecom Engineering. I started my career in the Product Strategy & Planning team at Philips Consumer Electronics. Launched a company in California and for over 14 years, I have been running business in Hong Kong

I’m a permanent resident in Hong Kong since 2012 and I consider it home. I have lived in Paris, Buenos Aires, Los Angeles and Hong Kong!

“Let’s turn upside down paper based banks into digital propositions and enjoy the process in the meantime”